Combatting Stress In An Effective Manner

The disadvantages of stress

Stress is a menace that we face in our day to day lives. We all come up against stress at some point. As our workload increases and as we have less time to complete all our work, we can feel stress catching up on us. Stress should be combatted effectively and we should not let stress overwhelm us. Stress can lead to many adverse consequences. Firstly, it can lead to physical illnesses. Terrible headaches, gastritis and even heart attacks are just some of the physical illnesses and discomforts that stress brings about. Secondly, stress can also lead to mental instability. Thirdly, increased levels of stress, can rob us of our ability to perform at our optimum level and thus drastically reduce our productivity. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to combat stress effectively.

Make a to do list

One of the reasons for stress is having too much to do. We might often lose track of what we have to do and this can lead to panic attacks, when we realize that we have forgotten important appointments or when we remember an assignment the night before the deadline and have to stay up all night to complete it. You can avoid this by drawing up to do list of all the work that you have to do. By doing this you can avoid forgetting the work and the subsequent panic attacks and stress that follow. For example, if you have an appointment with your cosmetic dentist in Ashfield next week, make sure to write down in your diary or even save it as a remainder on your phone.

Thus, you can make sure that you do not miss your appointment with your cosmetic dentist and get stressed out as a result.

Prioritize your work instead of procrastination

Another manner in which you can avoid stress is by not procrastinating and by prioritizing your work. For example, if you have an assignment to submit at the end of the week and a project to complete at the end of the month, you have to concentrate on your assignment more. Further, you should not put off working on your assignment or your project till the last minute. You should make sure that you start work on them well ahead, so that you will have ample time to finish them by their respective deadlines. If you wait for the eleventh hour, you will undergo a lot of stress as you try to complete the assignment and project the night before their respective deadlines. Further, you can also manage your stress levels by not taking on more work than you can handle and by taking regular breaks to rejuvenate.

Writen by Steve Ortiz